Creating a musician-centered audio networking solution for Archwave

Archwave Audiolan: Network and Configure Audio Equipment and Instruments with Ease

When musicians meet up, a whole range of different items of equipment often needs to be connected together and needs to communicate with each other. Archwave Audiolan makes it possible to network professional audio equipment and instruments using standard IT infrastructure. The system also supports the configuration of individual components – a task that in the past often posed considerable challenges, even for experienced users, and was rather time-consuming. Time that musicians in particular would much rather spend playing their music on stage.

In collaboration with Archwave, we have sharpened Audiolan’s positioning, focusing on what really matters – Archwave does not sell processor performance, but instead professional solutions consisting of software and hardware. To communicate this new focus effectively, the Archwave website was tailored to meet the needs of professional and keen amateur musicians. In the future, the focus will be on users and not just potential OEM partners, for it is ultimately users who profit directly from the benefits, either as musicians on the stage or in the studio.