Quant: On the fast track to the future

The E-Limousine «Quant» was presented at the Motor Show in Geneva.

«Quant», a sports limousine from nanoFlowcell in Liechtenstein, was the talk of this year’s Motor Show in Geneva. With its electric propulsion system, «Quant» peaks at a top performance of 925 hp. Thanks to the self-developed nanoFlowcell® battery, this electric car has a range of up to 600 kilometers. The propulsion technology is currently in a developmental stage. Previous test results are promising.

We worked in collaboration with Arturo La Vecchia (Creative Director) to reposition the brand. The challenge was to effectively stage this futuristic car in a way that allows visitors to experience the visionary idea of its inventor. By revising the entire brand appearance, implementing different print and film campaigns, and developing a two-story exhibition stand at the Motor Show in Geneva, we helped the car of the future get into the fast lane.