Swiss goes for gold

Congratulations to SWISS on their two gold awards from the ADC Awards 2015

The results are in: on Saturday, April 18th, the ADC Awards 2015 were presented at the Volkhaus Zurich. This is the 40th time that ADC Switzerland, the leading creatives in the communications industry, have highlighted the best marketing campaigns in Switzerland with their cube-shaped awards. The big winner at this year’s awards ceremony was SWISS. The national airline of Switzerland received two top prizes: the jury awarded them with golden cubes for their groundbreaking work in the categories „Digital Craft“ and „Film“.

The „World of SWISS“ digital experience platform from the Hinderling Volkart agency received one golden cube, as did the „Seats for Switzerland“ film series, which SWISS created together with Publicis. Nose congratulates SWISS and both agencies on their success with these outstanding brand experiences.

These sorts of exceptional achievements can only be built on a solid foundation: Since 2007, SWISS has counted on our strategic partnership to develop and implement a consistent brand experience. The SWISS brand lives up to its promises at countless points of contact to create extraordinary brand experiences.