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who think like designers.
who are full of ideas and idealism.
who design for human beings.
who focus on transformation.
who believe in the future.
who innovate.

We help you define the future role of your business in an ever-changing world. We help you stay relevant to customers and to achieve sustainable growth. And we support you in building an organization that thrives in the midst of change.

We help you to build a future that works.

How we can help

Does your business need to move into its next phase in order to be successful in tomorrow’s business landscape? Or do you need to find out how to best engage with new target groups? Or perhaps make sure that your organization is ready for challenges ahead? We can help you.

We are specialized in four areas: strategy, storytelling, experience design and organizational change. Because we believe that if you do these things right, your organization has the knowledge and the tools to successfully handle whatever the future holds.


Envision your future

We envision what the future could look like for your business and map out your road to success.


Unite and engage your audiences

We help you gather customers and employees around a strong narrative that builds commitment and calls for action.

Experience design

Create impactful experiences

We create end-to-end experiences around products, solutions and behaviors that captivate and guide audiences everywhere.

Organizational change

Ready your organization

We ready your organization for the challenges ahead by building behaviors, skills and mindsets to quickly adapt to the future.

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We empower ambitious leaders to unleash the potential of their business.

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How to attract B2B customers in the digital age

Personal contact is becoming less and less relevant to B2B clients. How can B2B companies improve their client outreach and continue to delight their customers in the digital age?


Is your brand ready for the future?

What distinguishes a future-proof brand? A glance at Tesla, Uber and Airbnb clearly reveals the factors for success and also uncovers some fundamental differences between how these companies operate and traditional brand management in many businesses today.

Case Study

Shaping the future of audio


September 29, 2017

Futureworks at the Harbour Club Symposium on November 23rd

Come and say hello. We'll be the ones with the fresh coffee and smart ideas.

August 3, 2017

iconomix.ch: economics in the classroom

Futureworks would like to congratulate the Swiss National Bank (SNB) on the relaunch of iconomix.ch.

June 23, 2017

Shaping the future of Swiss Ice Hockey

We would like to congratulate Swiss Ice Hockey on the launch of the new brand for their most important products.

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